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I am a software engineer currently working in Washington D.C. area. I started my career in computer programming in 1997. My first project is a specialized complier used in EDA industry which is challenging and fun for a fresh graduate. I became quite interested in debuggers and debugging methodology in general since then. My second job involves porting legacy code from Window to multiple Unix/Linux platforms, programming for synchronization, performance monitor and enhancement under heavily-threaded environment, detecting and fixing stability issues. I am especially interested in memory related subjects, such as general-purpose or customized allocators, debug tools, memory performance, etc.


My other open source projects:

AccuTrak is a heap memory tracking tool. The weakness of other similar tools are either can’t find the memory access error on the spot or too intrusive so that the target program’s behavior is severely modified. AccuTrak uses unreadable system page to catch memory bug at the very moment a byte is read/written illegally by application. It also configures to only track suspected memory blocks and ignore others, which leaves a much smaller footprint and makes it practical to debug even a large server program.

Michael Yan

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